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All Naish masts are measured at the factory to ensure proper bend characteristics for optimum performance. Bases and tips are manufactured separately, enabling Naish to combine a light, responsive mast tip with a tough, resilient base. This results in better performance, lower center of gravity and improved durability.

Mast Length

Length  Diameter Weight(kg)  Carbon % IMCS Construction Use
340 RDM 1.3 75% 15 Pre-Preg wave / bump n jump
370 RDM 1.5 75% 17 Pre-Preg wave / bump n jump
400 RDM 1.75 75% 19 Pre-Preg wave / bump n jump
430 RDM 2.0 75% 21 Pre-Preg wave / bump n jump


Filament Wound Technology

Naish's state-of-the-art precision computer-controled technologyguarantees the precise placement of carbon fiber and e-glass in side-by-side helix on all its filament wound masts.

Pre-Preg Technology:

Pre impregnation represents the cutting edge of composite manufacturing - a specialy formulated resin system in introduced to the carbon, glass and aramid fiber matrix under controled laboratory conditions and then thermoset to insure 100% curring. That means no excess resin and the strongest posiible final matrix. The resulting layup is lightweight, durable and extremely consistent from mast to mast.


Data sheet

Bend Curve
Constant Curve
Carbon %