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The Sol design has always been about developing outlines and construction that combine ease of use and performance into the same board. With its unconventional design, the Sol offers smooth, balanced performance you cannot find in any other board.

Its combination of outline, rocker, fin placement and flex makes the Sol slice through chop at top speed while offering the biggest possible sweet spot to take your riding to a new level.

The new construction consisting of a revised wood core combination and thickness taper with TIP2TIP WOOD CORE, new top and bottom laminate materias with the HP-2 LAMINATE and an assymetric lay-up, makes the Sol even smoother, balanced and more versatile than it has ever been.

The Sol is a true All-Terrain vehicle!



Board Length Width
Sol 128 128 37.5
Sol 131 131 38.5
Sol 134 134 39.5
Sol 137 137 40.5
Sol 140 140 41.5


- Balance Flex= This moderate-tension flex is extremely versatile balancing freestyle drive with freeride control

ABS Sidewalls 

All Terrain Performance = Versatile for all styles of riding in all conditions, from radical freestyle to advanced freeriding

- Tip2Tip Wood Core + HP-2 Laminate = A newly developed construction which combines our tip-to-tip solid wood core, vertically laminated with specific densities in specific areas, with different composite laminates top and bottom.

Grav-D Strap System = The Naish exclusive, revolutionary Gravity Device quick-mount binding integrated system is better than ever with new mounting angle options and enhanced sizing adjustment range. Footstraps exclusively designed pre-twisted for shaping to match the top of your foot. Deckpads designed with 3-D shaping, full-grip texture and thick heal padding.

5.7cm Alloy Fins = The lower section of the fin has a moderate thickness draft providing lift which is ideal for low-end power as well as maximum durability.the draft steps to a thinner foil at the upper section of the fin which is ideal for low drag at higher speeds. This stepped design offers the advantages of two designs in one fin.


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