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The Thorn CC delivers the most direct power for lightwind efficiency, upwind drive and explosive freestyle pop on-demand. The Thorn's relatively more parallel outline, wider tips and low rocker-line perfectly balance locked-in grip with essential control.

The development objective was to add more board control for landing fully powered, but without sacrificing any of the Thorn's blistering top Freestyle performance speed. We met this objective by tuning the flex in the midsection of the board.

This keeps the board from distorting under the extreme loads of hard landings. The last 20% to the tips of the board remain without I-beams to retain a softer flex, freeing up the lively responsiveness of the Thorn's carbon-composite construction.



Length: 128 130 132 134 136
Width: 38 39 40 41 42

Naish Thorn CC TECH:

Carbon Composite Laminates
The flex character, reflex response, anti-vibration, anti-distortion, weight and durability combination of the 2010 CC construction has been tuned into a higher-tension framework for 2011. The addition of composite I-beams through the wood core locks the top and bottom laminates.
Optimized Response Flex
The Optimized Response Flex is specifically tailored in combination with the Thorn CC's outline and rocker. It is moderately soft under lighter loads to allow the board to dynamically respond to input, while progressively stiffing in flex under higher loads to retain direct energy transfer between the rider and the board.
Pro Power Performance
Absolute top speed, efficiency, upwind drive, edging power and control -- ideal for both our international team's freestyle competition, as well as premium, versatile, advanced freeriding.

Naish Fusion Straps:

- Integrated footstrap / footpad binding system
- Exclusive design, wrapping around and under the foot for the most secure connection to your board
- New Molded footbed for amazing support and increased cushioning
- Mounting options include positioning options on center or closer to the rail and multiple strap/pad angles
- Ergonomic 3D gootbed shaping
- Full comfort shock absorption
- High grip texture
- Carbon fiber footpad plate

*NOTE: Naish Thorn comes complete with Thorn Deck, G10 5.0cm Fins, Fusion Straps/Pads, Handle, and Hardware.


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