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The Cult returns as an all-terrain kite that is idela for the majority of the world's riders. The main focus for the Naish Cult is on improving the turning speed on the larger sizes, extending the low end, and making relaunch even easier. The Cult has outstanding allterrain performance, depower, and amazing handling.

The Cult is designed for beginner through advanced riders seeking a stableeasy-handling, all terrain kite. Beginners will enjoy the smooth, responsive steering, light bar pressure and unparalleled depower capabilities. The easy relaunch will allow them to improve their skills in comfort and confidence. Advanced riders will enjoy the balanced feel, hooked-in or unhooked, of the Cult which allows them to push the envelope on new moves.

*Colors may vary



- Sigma Outline
- Geo-Tech
- Supported Leading Edge
- New Direct Response Steering
- New Low Drag Wingtip


  • -Separate Valves Inflation System (NO OCTOPUS)
  • -SLE Control System


  • -Naish Quality
  • -Dual 2-Ply Trailing Edge
  • -Molded Trailing Edge Reinforcement
  • -Molded EVA/PU Bumpers
  • -Aramid Patches
  • -Internal Aramid Reinforcemants
  • -Vertical Seam Struts
  • -Delta-Cut Trailing Edge
  • -2 Piece LE


The core concept of Naish Sigma kites is a radically re-shaped leading edge that moves much of the center canopy area behind the tow point. The result is a kite that delivers significant performance improvements in 4 key areas :

1) Overall stability
2) Bar pressure and feel
3) Turning
4) Relaunch

The Sigma design produces a balanced, linear power band combined with bar pressure that remains light but steady through a wide range of trim angles, creating a nearly perfect feedback loop between rider and kite.


By incorporating straight segments in the leading edge from strut to strut, canopy tension is kept constant. Wind pressure is not necessary to maintain the canopy profile and at low angles of attack Geo-Tech keeps the canopy from collapsing. By maintaing a consistent aerodynamic leading edge Geo-Tech provides a wrinkle free canopy, large depower range and stability at broad angles of attack where historically kites with a large depower range have experienced distortion. Combined with Sigma shape, Geo-Tech creates the most precise and controllable kites ever, which maintain this feeling and control through an amazingly broad wind range. 


New Direct response Wing tips

The Angle of Attack on the wingtips has been increased from the previous Naish Cult to keep them more actively engaged. On the new Naish Cult, when bar inputs are added, the wingtip instantly reacts and produces drag while the opposite wingtip instantly accelerates and creates quicker and more responsive turning. Relaunch is also optimized as the lines hang to the inside of the kite and have less chance of becoming wrapped around the wingtip.


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