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The Evolution of Cutting Edge Performance

The Helix continues to bridge the gap between the C-shaped and bridled kites with an engaging feel, fast turning and punchy power. Is the exotic sports car of the kite world...pushing the envelope in design and flying characteristics.

The Helix has been redesigned to provide C-shaped performance and feel, while maintaining the depower you expect out of a bridled kite. the Helix continues to evolve with the revolutionary "Power Foil Canopy" Sigma outline. This platform coupled with refinements to the aspect ratio, LE diameter, strut foil and arc have produced the most performance driven Sigma kite ever.

With speed, versatility, huge jumps, kite loops and precision handling in mind... Helix is the Next-Gen ultra performance kite.

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- SLE Control System (5th line compatible)
- Power Foil Canopy
- Radial Segmented C-Shape
- Separate Valves Inflation System (NO OCTOPUS)


- Naish Quality
- New Dacron Trailing Edge
- Molded Trailing Edge Reinforcement
- Molded EVA/PU Bumpers
- Aramid Patches
- Vertical Seam Struts
- New Reinforced Strut Zippers
- New Pulley and Line
- New Improved Velcro Closure
- 2 Piece LE
- Load spread Wingtip Construction



The Sigma Outline is an aerodynamic "bird in flight" shape that moves much of the center canopy area behind the tow point, resulting in a kite that has unmatched  stability even at in extremely low angle of attack. The Sigma Outline also provides a linear band and bar pressure, with very easy water relaunch.


New Direct response Wing tips

The Angle of Attack on the wingtips has been increased from the previous Naish Cult to keep them more actively engaged. On the new Naish Cult, when bar inputs are added, the wingtip instantly reacts and produces drag while the opposite wingtip instantly accelerates and creates quicker and more responsive turning. Relaunch is also optimized as the lines hang to the inside of the kite and have less chance of becoming wrapped around the wingtip.


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