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Riders looking for power through the turns, unmatched bar feel in a fast-flying kite.

The world views the Torch as the benchmark in C-kites. Its proven legacy of performance makes it the perfect choice for riders looking for a kite that is equally at home on the competition circuit, or when riding unhooked in the waves.

The Torch has depower similar to a bridled kite by virtue of its ability to fly quickly to the edge of the window. The smooth power delivery and easy handling make hooked or unhooked riding effortless. The Shift Control System allows easy water relaunch and arc support.

The Torch continues its unsurpassed performance with polished refinements that will take all riders to the next level.

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- C-Shape
- Power Foil Canopy
- Evolutive Profile
- Radial Segmented C-Shape
- Direct Response Steering
- Octopus inflation system
- Solid frame canopy
- Radial load distribution
- Shift System Platform

Control Systems

Shift Control System Industry Leading 5th Line System

The Shift System returns with World Champion performance and seamless functionality. The Shift System is renowned for having complete control over the leading edge arc for hooked-in and unhooked C-kite riding. The 5th line design offers immediate relaunch capabilities for use in competition and extreme light winds.

Shift Control Features:

  • Smart Loop Patented push-away release loop
  • Sliding stopper
  • Graduated trim line marking
  • Auto-orientation Smart Loop
  • Through-the-bar leash
  • Wide leash with quick release
  • Internal back line trimming
  • Ultra-soft Power Flex bar ends
  • NEW - Vario bar end adjustment 18"-20" (45-51cm)

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