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High Performance Freeride-Race.

The Draft is a high performance freeride kite that excels at hooked-in riding, hang time and racing. This state-of-the-art design has powerful lift for boosting big airs and long gliding jumps. The Draft features a Static Bridle Platform. This eliminates the pulley and keeps the kite stable and driving forward for unrivaled windward performance and downwind speed.

The Draft has five struts on the 7, 9 and 12 sizes for added control in strong winds and three struts on the 14 and 17 sizes for light wind performance and faster turning. Stability, high floating jumps, and speed are characteristics that define the Draft.

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Tech Features :

Five struts on the 7, 9, 12 = Control for windward performance in higher winds
Three struts on the 14, 17 = Lightweight, light wind performance and faster turning
Static Bridle Platform = Eliminates the pulley to keep the kite stable and driving forward
Locked-in Center of Effort = Stability at different angles of attack to maintain forward drive and reduce back stall

Technology :

Power Foil Canopy = The Power Foil Canopy has horizontal seam shaping. The result is a kite that creates instant lift.
Evolutive Profile = The profiles depth and shape evolves along the airfoil. The center sections generate power and speed. The tips are fast turning and minimize drag. This creates a fast flying, stable kite with less back stalling.
Radial Segmented Arc = The Radial Segmented shape uses short linear segments to accurately form the kites arc.
Low Drag Wing Tip= This wing tip geometry reduces the overall surface area of the non-lifting portion, which greatly reduces drag. The more efficient the lift/drag ratio becomes, the faster the wing tip can move through the air. This allows the kite to be both quicker and more responsive through turns.
Open Swept C =The Swept Open C-shape maximizes the lift of the C-kite airframe. Its open arc delivers more power on demand than other kites of the same size, and provides unmatched upwind performance. The swept profile balances the kite for better turning.
Octopus Inflation System =This proven, quick and easy single-point inflation system creates uniform pressure in the struts and leading edge. Naishs exclusive one-way internal valve ensures that the pressure in the struts does not change during turns.
Solid Frame Construction =Every strut is attached to a frame of heavy duty Dacron that is then sewn onto the canopy for unmatched resistance to wear and heavy loads.
Radial Load Distribution =All wing tips are designed with seams running parallel to the load generated by the flying lines. These seams carry most of the load, and spread it higher into the canopy. This construction avoids fatigue on the fabric and in the wing tip area. 


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