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4-line Control System Bar

The Universal control system has been streamlined and simpified. Improvements include a new center line attachment system, a stainless steel swivel and a spinning front line leash.

The flying line connection/leader lines have also been streamlined by moving the rear line attachment points closer to the bar, where they are covered by the large floaters. Now steering the kite with the twists is easier since there are no adjustment knots at the end of the leader lines.

The styling of the bar is also distinct with a new more ergonomic grip and a new bar end that allows easy bar length adjustment. 


Key Features:

Smart Loop Release and Sheeting System
• Deluxe Leash
• Auto-orientating chicken loop
• Ergonomic Grip
• Larger Floater
• Covered line adjustment knots
New designed Bar Ends with adjustable width
• Stainless Steel Swivel
• Lighter Stainless Steel Pulley
• "Through The Bar" front line leash system
• All the standard market leading rigging features